Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Building and Automations Synced with CRM

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Posted on April 5, 2021


Project Desciption


We’re a company based in Finland. Setting up Salesforce Marketing cloud to accomplish our audience out efficiently. This needs to be synced with salesforce CRM and Einstien AI tool. We have our salesforce CRM prepared and operational. Now looking forward to connect with MC and get the system automated end-to-end in terms of marketing. The job is predicted to last for an extended-term. So if you are a staff or individual with the essential skills, you are welcome. We want 3-5 individuals to prepare the initials of the advertising.

What we do is market, sell and post-handle the products and services of small and massive companies in Finland. We favor salesforce marketing cloud certified users having knowledge of salesforce CRM as well. That is fundamental. It would be great if you have done similar work before. Please share your portfolio in your proposal. It’ll help us make an easy start.

Here is the process flow which will actually be followed;

-We intend to target customers on every possible platform thus beginning with Mail and Mobile Services.

-As soon as a contact is created, a journey will start containing a succession of actions. i.e, welcome email or mobile push notification, CTA, and further actions. The journey will have processings of a month. 

Following the actions, it will add the contact into the new journey. i.e, if the button is clicked, give him an offer, etc.

-If we have an opportunity from the journey, it’ll create a case that ensures our agent contacts the customer and further discusses the undertaking.

-We would want to reflect that info in MC to CRM also. For this, an automation task is demanded (or some other possible manner you might think of) to upgrade data into CRM timely.

-We would also like to utilize Einstien AI to acquire profound insights based on client interactions and observing the report, designing a brand new journey for the various clients.

-A report that will help us ascertain the attention of viewers. According to what new journeys will soon be shaped.

We have our design team that would be in contact with you to help you layout purposeful email templates. You would remain in our group for at least 3 months – until everything is set up correctly and the journeys have been inflow. Ýou’ll also help us develop new journeys based on the insights of Einstien AI.


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