Complete Salesforce Solution Design for our company

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Posted on April 9, 2021


Project Desciption

We are in need of a salesforce developer to execute our sales process as a salesforce solution.  Here we have clarified our workflow.  We need a developer who thoroughly comprehends our requirement and also make things simple for us utilizing salesforce system.

We have about 12 vendors in our company. Of them, 5 are responsible for finding new leads (i.e. Sales Developers) and 7 of these are responsible for closing deals and therefore, a great deal of time they’re in the area (i.e. Leads Managers ).  They get in contact with new, potential clients at campuses throughout Europe and the US, where they generally attract a whole lot of cards.  A growing number of business customers contact them through the
online form on their sites.  Every possible customer is qualified by Sales Developer – properly verified by checking their company and eligibility data: firm size, curiosity about our goods, along with the approximation of the items we sell the customer will purchase. He’s expected to organize a meeting with a possible customer and discover out
(appraise ) the following information: what is the approximate value of this deal, how probable is it that the deal will happen when the client intends to make a buy, which products and machines are needed and are acceptable for
the client – there are types and types”Item A”,”Item B”, etc..  At another step, the Leads Manager sends a supply to the client, usually followed by a test lodging together with the customer, then discussions, and ultimately the customer confirms the agreement or fails (that is consequently their earnings process).

In your proposals, please describe the steps which you are going to be following to execute the aforementioned procedure in salesforce.  And please list your work down experiences.  You may also suggest the best practices.


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Subhashchandr K

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