Salesforce developer

Developed and maintained custom Salesforce solutions like E- commerce, oil and gas, NPSP with over 4000 users.

Completed four end-to-end projects

Experienced in developing and optimizing Apex Triggers, Apex Classes, and asynchronous Apex.

Proficient in working with Lightning Web Components and Aura Components.

Implemented and modified Process Automation tools, including Process Builder, Workflow rules, Approval Processes, and Flows.

Proficient in Salesforce security setup such as Profiles, Permission Sets, OWDs, Roles, and Sharing Rules.

Performed bulk data load activities using Workbench and Data Loader.

Certified Salesforce Developer with over 3 years of experience, skilled in Apex Programming, Triggers, Visualforce, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Configuration & Development, and Sales Cloud.

Implemented Einstein Chatbot as a part of project POC.

Gained practical experience in Salesforce community and NPSP cloud.