Why you need a Security Expert for your Salesforce ORG?

A significant amount of data is being stored on the cloud in the present times and an increasing number of tasks are being carried out remotely. This increasing dependence on remote systems means that organizations need to put in more efforts to secure their data from internal as well as external threats and attacks. Most of these companies are using the Salesforce cloud platform to store their data, which is why it is becoming more and more important to have a Security Expert for your Salesforce Organization.

Though Salesforce provides maximum security against external threats, there are still chances that cyber-criminal may steal data and infiltrate systems. In addition, internal breaches are also likely to occur. It is likely that your Salesforce Developer may have modified or customized the system to allow information from being transferred to other systems. Since the system is being customized and tailored according to the different business requirements, it has become difficult to keep track of how the information is being used and where it is being transferred. This is why it is extremely important to ensure that your Salesforce system is secure.

A security expert may take care of this by developing an action plan to determine the existing level of security in the organization. The security expert may perform this evaluation in three phases as discussed subsequently.

Phase 1: Determine whether the security stance is appropriately defined.

In this phase, the security expert will determine what security means for the organization with respect to Salesforce and cloud data. They ensure that everyone involved is aware of the security implications of storing critical data on the cloud instead of on-site. The Salesforce organization consistently changes; hence, the security expert will ensure that the stance is adaptable, while taking into account the main security principles.

Phase 2: How is Salesforce actually being used in an organization and whether it is consistent with the security stance?

The security expert will determine what data is present in the system by performing a data classification exercise. It will then be determined whether the sensitive information is secure at rest. The security expert will perform the Salesforce Health Check, which is a tool offered by Salesforce that ranks your baseline security over different categories, following which a percentage score is provided and recommendations are given to cater to the weaknesses. The security expert will document the Salesforce security model and analyse its implementation.

Phase 3: What is the action plan that your organization needs to develop to accomplish your security objectives?

In this phase, the security expert will develop an action plan on the basis of the security stance. The aim of this action plan is to decrease the gap between the existing Salesforce use and your security objectives.


Due to the evolving capabilities of the Salesforce platform, security has become a complex issue. To ensure data security in your Salesforce organization, it would be best to hire a security expert to perform analysis of the existing security and bring in changes according to the security risks and threats your organization is exposed to.