Top Salesforce Interaction Studio Features which help win customers

In this fast-paced era, customers look for immediate resolution for any latest thing whether it’s a clothing brand or technology. Keeping this in view, Salesforce’s interaction studio features have been designed to win the customer’s trust.

If a brand offers the right products, services or information at the right time, then customers show a willingness to get that brand’s experience. Companies (if not smart) faces challenges in real-time customers engagement.

Top Features:

Salesforce interaction studio feature for personalization has gone to the next level. Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage) increases the power of the Marketing cloud with extended real-time personalization.  With machine learning capabilities and real-time cross-channel personalization, customers can add Interaction Studio with marketing cloud’s vigorous customer data, audience segmentation, and engagement platform.

Key features include:

  • Individual insights
  • AI-Driven Optimization
  • Cross channel engagement and
  • Testing and Analysis

Salesforce Interaction Studio is designed to gain in-depth customer insights and apply AI to deliver personalized as well as cross-channel experiences at any point. We will talk about what these features do:

Individual Insights:

It is very important to understand the wants and needs of your customers. Through this feature, you can identify individuals and accounts throughout digital properties. It also matches the anonymous and known users to named profiles and customizes it to build more accurate customer records.

In order to power machine learning, it automatically catalogs the products and content that are associated with the metadata. It captures the referring source, geo-location, company, industry and more. It also monitors the digital behavior of the customer including their active and inactive time.

AI-Driven Optimization

Improving digital campaign’s performance as it runs is one of the smart AI features. Best decisions are made automatically for customer’s success. It delivers relevant experiences by powerful real-time segmentation that could inspire the customers to take the action.

Based on customer’s unique characteristics and preferences it smartly recommends the most relevant products, categories and content, etc.

Cross-channel engagement

Now you can connect with your customers whether they are online or offline. In a preferred channel (whether owned, social or paid media) they can be guided along the most appropriate path. You can connect online experiences with offline ones, for example; call center agents or in-store or in-branch fellows. One of the best features is to provide a connected experience to the customers with consistent and relevant communication across the web, emails and human channels.

Testing and Analysis

Another best feature is to ensure optimal and statistically significant results. By maximizing the conversions, revenues and clickthrough. You can define key metrics and goals for your campaign i.e., sign-ups, purchases or downloads, etc. Checking one area does not negatively impact others when you go to analyze results and make the changes as needed.   Segmentation can be easily defined using any users’ data available in the system.

Available in Salesforce Interaction Studio, all of the rich data will be collected in a data warehouse environment.

Because customers’ feedback is always valuable, 80% of the customers say that experiences are as important as the products or services any company provides. The quicker and more personalized experiences are the happier your customers will be. Interaction Studio enables you to decode your customer’s engagement patterns to understand their real objective.

To engage your customers in continuous, personalized ways you can combine Salesforce Interaction Studio with other engagement tools.