Top 5 Benefits of Salesforce for Businesses

Salesforce is the most widely known cloud computing platform. Its customer relationship management (CRM) software is an integrated platform. Salesforce works by offering a shared view about its customers to all of its departments. Businesses employ this cloud computing service because of the variety of benefits it offers. Here, we will discuss the top 5 benefits of Salesforce for businesses.

1. Easy to Use

Salesforce offers a simple and intuitive user interface thus it is so popular. Salesforce representatives have high visibility of their accounts, opportunities, contacts and tasks, all in a single platform. They get a full view of their customers that facilitates them in making better business decisions and closing deals rapidly. Users are also able to easily shift between the modules and to collaborate with their colleagues. In addition, a user does not require any kind of coding rather everything is available in a format that can be easily comprehended.

2. Flexibility

Salesforce is highly adaptable, which means that the software is not limited to fixed page layouts, processes and workflows. Salesforce includes various business models so as to offer reports and analysis that are in accordance with the specific requirements of each user. Companies can measure and monitor how effective their marketing campaigns are, and these can be customized on a continuous and as-needed basis. Hence, the Salesforce CRM is highly flexible and customizable.  

3. Extensive Functionality

There are various features and functions in the standard Salesforce platform that can cater to a wide variety of organizational needs. Through this CRM software, users can perform data collaboration easily between different departments and obtain fundamental customer information, various reports and statistical alternatives. Moreover, the software can be used on any browser or desktop, tablet or mobile device.

4. Time Management

Salesforce offers comprehensive information and significant planning resources hence it is a very effective tool for time management. Users have all information required to prioritize work for clients that means they are able to allocate their time effectively to different tasks. Also, there is a built-in calendar tool that can be used to create a schedule for the day, week, month or even year. This enables you to consistently remain alert in acquiring a possible lead.

5. Team Collaboration

Another significant benefit of Salesforce is that it makes it easier for a team member to collaborate with each other. Salesforce has a “Chatter” feature that enables them to correspond with other individuals or groups regarding work-related information. Different team members can be added to accounts or openings requiring special attention that means users can prioritize and schedule tasks so as to enable them to work with a greater number of leads and achieve more sales. Chatter is also beneficial in that as it keeps the entire team focused on Salesforce tasks which they need to achieve every day. Therefore, it leads to the attainment of better outcomes and productivity from the entire team.

These are not the only benefits of Salesforce for business. There are several other advantages of the cloud computing system that enables businesses work more efficiently to achieve better results.