Salesforce Salary Guide 2021

The previous year has been quite difficult with the impact of the global pandemic affecting all fields, including Salesforce. The way companies are carrying out their operations and communications has seen a drastic change, with most activities being carried out remotely. This has also been the case with Salesforce. It is not clear what the future holds, so it is important to review the trends that the Salesforce ecosystem has achieved in the previous months to be prepared as much as possible for the future. Mason Frank International is the world leader in Salesforce Recruitment. The Salary Survey carried out by Mason Frank offers an independent overview of the latest market trends and salaries for the various Salesforce jobs. We will review this Survey to present the Salesforce Salary Guide for 2021.

Salesforce Administrator: Admins work on the Salesforce platform, customizing it according to customer requirements, automating it and allowing users to get the most out of this system. The annual average salary range of Salesforce Administrator is between $97,000 and $122,000 (depending on their seniority level).

Business Analyst: The role of business analysts in Salesforce is to create a link between the business stakeholders and the technical team so as to enhance business processes and efficiency. Along with a knowledge of business operations, they need to have technical knowledge about the Salesforce platform. The annual average salary of a business analyst is in the range of $109,000 for the junior level to $134,000 for the senior level employees.

Salesforce Consultant: Companies recruit Salesforce Consultants to help them solve client problems and bring in consistent system improvements over the Salesforce platform. They need to have extensive knowledge about the Salesforce platform and should be capable of adapting to changing environments. On average, a Salesforce Consultant has an annual salary in the range of $123,000 to $145,000.

Salesforce Developer: Salesforce Developers evaluate business processes, create customized CRM workflows and solutions for the specific requirements of the business. These individuals work together with other members of the team to develop tailored, scalable processes for the organization. Salesforce developers have an average annual salary in the range of $109,000 to $144,000, based on seniority.

Project Manager: A Project Manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Salesforce projects, including time and budget requirements, technical resources as well as the functional aspects. Project managers are expert in planning and managing resources and ensure that the project is delivered on time to the client. The Salary Survey showed the annual salary of Project Managers to be in the range of $120,000 to $141,000 on average.

Technical Architect: The Salesforce Technical Architect has extensive knowledge of various development platforms. These architects use their broad skills to analyse customer requirements and architecture so as to develop secure and high-performing technical solutions. The average salary of the senior level Technical Architects was found to be $167,250 per annum.

The figures presented here provide average salary values for Salesforce jobs and will be valuable for those seeking to compare their salaries with the market rates.