Redefine Customer Satisfaction with Advanced Salesforce Service Integration Tools

In our previous blog, we established the foundation with basic Salesforce service integration tools. Now, brace yourself as we are going to unlock some cutting-edge technologies with expert strategies that will reshape the way you engage with your customers. So, let’s step into the adventure right now:

Progress of Case Status:

This advanced tool tracks the status and progress of customer support cases or service requests in Salesforce allowing users to view the current status of a case and any actions taken on it, such as the assigned agent, the date and time of updates and the resolution status reducing the need for them to contact customer service for updates thereby ensures that each case is handled effectively. With Progress of Case Status, managers can also monitor their team’s performance and identify areas for improvement.


It is a digital adoption platform that helps organizations improve their employee and customer adoption of software applications. It provides interactive guides and walkthroughs (to be embedded directly into Salesforce) to users as they navigate through various software applications, helping them complete tasks accurately. It accomplishes this through its “self-help” technology, “in-app tooltips” and “interactive walkthroughs” customized to each user’s needs. Additionally, Whatfix provides analytical insights to help organizations measure the effectiveness of their software training programs.  


Social25 is a social media management tool designed to help businesses improve their online presence and engagement across various social media platforms allowing customer service teams to proactively address customer inquiries and issues on social media channels. Its main features include: scheduling and publishing posts, monitoring social media conversations and analyzing social media performance through analytics and reports. It also provides keyword monitoring to help businesses track conversations around their brand and respond to customer inquiries/ feedback in a timely manner. With Social25, businesses can manage multiple social media accounts in one place, save time and improve their social media ROI.


It’s a cloud-based contact center software that can be integrated with Salesforce, allowing customer service teams to manage their customer interactions across multiple channels like voice, email, chat and social media in a unified manner. It features automatic call distribution, IVR, predictive dialer and workforce management, alongwith analytics and reporting that provide insights into call volume, call duration, customer satisfaction and other important metrics, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions. With Five9, businesses can easily scale their contact center operations and deliver exceptional customer service.


Now this is an online survey tool that enables businesses to create and distribute surveys to gather feedback/ insights from their target audience. The platform offers a wide range of survey templates and question types as well as customization options (branding, skip logic and question piping) and reporting features that allow businesses to visualize and understand survey results (charts, graphs and data filters). Additionally, SurveyMonkey integrates with other tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot and Slack, making it easy for businesses to collect and analyze survey data in their existing workflows.


It is a digital transaction management platform that enables businesses to securely sign and manage electronic documents, contracts and agreements from anywhere, at any time. It allows companies to send/ receive electronic signatures directly within Salesforce. Its main features, e-signature, document tracking, workflow automation and mobile access, help businesses streamline their document management processes. It integrates with popular business tools like Salesforce, Microsoft Office and Google Drive, making it easy to incorporate e-signature workflows into existing business processes. With DocuSign, businesses can accelerate transactions, reduce costs and improve compliance and security, all while providing a seamless and convenient experience for their customers and partners.


This tool provides cloud-based communication APIs and developer tools that can be integrated with Salesforce letting businesses to easily create and customize communication workflows, like SMS notifications, voice calls, video conferences and chatbots into their applications to enable real-time communication with customers. Features like real-time reporting and analytics, automatic scaling and global carrier connectivity, help businesses deliver reliable and high-quality communications to their customers and partners. Additionally, Twilio offers pre-built solutions for specific use cases, such as two-factor authentication and call center automation that businesses can quickly integrate into their workflows.


It’s a cloud-based communication and collaboration platform that enables businesses to manage their communications across multiple channels such as voice, video and messaging. The platform provides features such as click-to-call PBX, team messaging, video conferencing and online fax, which help businesses increase productivity. Besides Salesforce, it offers integrations with popular business tools such as Microsoft Office and Google Workspace, making it easy to incorporate communication workflows into existing business processes thereby reducing communication costs. is a customer support platform by salesforce designed to help businesses manage and respond to customer inquiries across multiple channels such as email, phone, chat and social media. The salient features are case management, knowledge management and self-service portals. Besides, it offers analytics and reporting tools that provide insights into case volume, response times, customer satisfaction and other important metrics. Additionally, it integrates with Salesforce products, like Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, to provide a complete view of the customer journey so that the service teams can deliver personalized customer support improving customer loyalty.


Gainsight is a customer success management platform that helps businesses improve their customer retention and loyalty by providing insights into customer behavior and usage patterns. The platform grants aspect such as customer health scoring, usage analytics and customer feedback management, which help businesses understand their customers’ needs and identify opportunities to improve their experience. It also offers workflow automation and communication tools to proactively engage with customers and deliver personalized experiences at scale.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, where customer experience is a key differentiator, Salesforce integration tools are just one example of how companies can use technology to build a competitive advantage. By investing in these tools, companies can find themselves in a position to meet the evolving needs of customers while improving their own operational competence and bottom line.


1. Progress of Case Status

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3. Social25

4. Five9

5. SurveyMonkey

6. DocuSign

7. Twilio

8. RingCentral

9. AKA Small Business Service

10. Gainsight