How can Twilio help improve customer and business relations?

Twilio is a US-based cloud communication platform as a Service (CPAAS) company that enables companies to incorporate communication features in their apps. These communication platforms are able to effectively carry out voice and video calls, send/receive text messages, establish web and mobile chats and call centres, carry out email campaigns, and so on. Twilio uses its APIs to integrate its solutions into the project, focusing on those who require communication platforms for their business, for example, to make cheap phone calls, get phone numbers of different countries, carry out video conferences, and so on. It functions as a telephone exchange and assists in processing several incoming phone calls. Programmable voice, messaging and video are the major products of the company.

Twilio integration makes it possible to perform different communication tasks, such as establishing automated lists, organizing chatbots and call centres, making voice and video calls, obtaining verification codes to authorize on distinct online channels, creating voice messages in different languages, etc. To discuss how Twilio can help improve customer and business relations, we divide its features into various key groups that are discussed subsequently.

Voice Calls

The Twilio programmable voice option makes it possible to process and manage calls at any point and any place in the world. Integrating a robust communication API and acquiring Twilio programmable voice makes it possible to:

  • evaluate calls and negotiations with clients (because of high-quality data collection);
  • route calls, which leads to the development of good customer relationships
  • manage calls in any situation, based on the availability of the internet (at work, on the go, etc.).
  • record calls if required.

SMS Integration

Chats have become popular in the present times, with people preferring to communicate through messages with officials from other companies. This makes communication between employees, partners and customers easier, thus leading to improved relationship between these parties

Video Calls

Twilio integration also makes it possible to place video calls. The API can be used to perform individual communication (user-to-user) as well as group communication (such as online conferences). Twilio systems also have high scalability, which suggests that business growth will occur together with the company.

Security of User

It is vital to ensure the security of the user and their confidential data. A two-factor authorization process is carried out by Twilio to ensure the security of the users’ data. Some other measures include: embedded translations consistent with the country codes of the users, specific tokens to provide one-time authorization for passwords, voice and message authentications and robust push authorizations.


The various features offered by Twilio allows businesses to create a more powerful relationship with their customers. The communication platform offered by Twilio enables companies to concentrate on their existing goals such as communication with partners, employees and customers, rather than spending a lot of time and resources in trying to come to a solution with the mobile operators for the communication problems they are facing. Twilio has made the communication experience between businesses and customers more convenient thus leading to better business and customer relations.