“The gap between our capabilities and what the technology enables and demands has widened”

Erik Brynjolfsson, director of the Digital Economy Lab at Stanford said recently.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proven to be more than just a buzzword. The emergence of generative artificial intelligence has undeniably gripped the attention and inspired the curiosity of many, propagating at an awe-inspiring speed. Conversely, the skillset that organizations need to truly leverage this revolutionary technology seems to be trailing behind. AI is transforming industries, streamlining operations, and offering unprecedented opportunities for innovation. Yet, while businesses recognize the immense potential of AI, there’s a glaring gap when it comes to the requisite skills.

Quick Take:

In a recent report by LinkedIn, it was revealed that the demand for individuals skilled in GPT (the generative pre-trained transformers powering AI) has surged in 2022. The number of job postings featuring GPT has seen a remarkable 51% increase, indicating the growing significance of this technology in various industries.

This rise in demand for GPT expertise is occurring amidst a larger crisis in digital skills. According to a comprehensive global survey involving over 23,000 workers, nearly 75% of the respondents expressed their inability to access the necessary resources for acquiring the digital skills required to thrive in today’s and tomorrow’s job market.

A recent digital skills survey by Salesforce reveals a significant paradigm shift in the global workforce’s perception of professional qualifications. Overwhelmingly, workers now value skills over  educational degrees or past career experiences. A striking 98% of people leaders agree that this transition towards skills-based hiring yields business advantages. However, a mere one out of ten people claims to have AI competencies, despite it being one of the most sought-after digital skills in today’s market. A significant majority of business leaders worldwide (67%) plan to adopt generative AI into their operational framework, while an equivalent number of IT leaders acknowledge a lack of employee proficiency in utilizing this technology.

These findings highlight the pressing issue of the AI skills gap, which further compounds the ongoing digital skills crisis. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, it becomes increasingly crucial for individuals and organizations to address these gaps and bridge the divide between the skills they possess and the skills they need for a successful future.

However, the good news is that acquiring AI skills is not an insurmountable challenge. It’s entirely within reach, whether you’re a seasoned tech professional aiming to upskill or a novice seeking to break into the field. This blog aims to guide you on how you can develop your AI skill set, paving the way for exciting career prospects and ensuring you’re well-equipped to navigate the AI-infused future. In this piece, we intend to present some top-tier AI-focused educational resources available on Salesforce’s complimentary digital learning platform, assisting you in acquiring the vital skills you necessitate.

Let’s bridge this skills gap together and usher in the future of generative AI.

How can you stay relevant and advance your career?
The answer lies in the power of Upskilling.

Upskilling involves learning new skills for different or expanded job functions which not only benefits individuals but also boosts workforce engagement and productivity. A study conducted in 2020 found that 91% of companies and 81% of employees reported a boost in productivity as a result of upskilling. By equipping your teams with in-demand digital skills, you also empower them to keep your customers at the center of their work, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Upskilling can be pursued in various ways, either through employer-supported initiatives, on-the-job training, or even self-directed learning.

To facilitate your AI upskilling journey, Trailhead offers accessible AI learning content, breaking down barriers to learning. The platform provides six essential AI modules, guiding learners through specific topics and awarding badges upon completion, signifying your mastery of specific AI topics. These modules provide a structured pathway to expand your AI knowledge and skills, empowering you to thrive in an increasingly AI-driven world.

1. Einstein GPT: Quick Look

With this module, discover how generative AI and Einstein GPT are transforming the future of work. 

In this badge, you will learn about GPT and how it fits into the larger concept of generative AI. Then, you’ll meet Einstein GPT, the world’s first generative AI for CRM.
Earn the Einstein GPT badge

2. Artificial Intelligence for Business

With this module, learn how to use artificial intelligence to meet your business needs. 

This module offers three badges where you’ll gain an understanding of the main ingredients of AI, the role of workflow and rules in using AI predictions and be able to identify the technologies that comprise AI solutions and what sources of data will help train AI most effectively.
Earn the AI for Business badge.

3. Salesforce Data Cloud: Quick Look

With this module discover Data Cloud, the real-time platform for customer magic.

This quick badge describes Salesforce Data Cloud and explains how Data Cloud works and brings the power of real-time data to the Customer 360, so you can create magical experiences seamlessly.
Earn the Data Cloud badge.

4. Salesforce Einstein Basics

With this module, discover insights and predict outcomes with this powerful set of AI-enhanced features.

Consisting of three badges, this module explains how Einstein is making every Salesforce user smarter, describing the underlying AI technology powering Einstein. It articulates how Einstein is embedded in our clouds today. It Explain how the Einstein Platform allows any admin or developer to build his own smart assistant listing each Einstein Platform product.
Earn the Einstein Basics badge.

5. Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service

This module shows how artificial intelligence is changing customer service, from chatbots to analytics.

The two badges in the module describe how Service Cloud Einstein delivers scale and productivity to customer service and ways AI can help deliver world-class customer experiences.
Earn the AI for Customer Service badge.

6. Responsible Creation of Artificial Intelligence

The theme of this module is to remove bias from your data and algorithms to create ethical AI systems at your company.

The three badges in this module help you with learning “bias and fairness”, understanding the ethical use of technology, recognizing Bias in AI and ways to remove Bias from your data and algorithm. It focuses on translating company values into processes understanding your customers for ethically-aligned AI design.
Earn the Responsible Creation of AI badge.

To summarize,developing proficiency in AI is imperative in the current digital era. The statistics from survey reports emphasize the escalating need for AI competencies. Taking advantage of trailhead modules, particularly in Generative AI, individuals can strategically upskill, effectively positioning themselves to thrive in this dynamic domain. So, embrace the opportunity, level up your AI knack, and unlock a world of possibilities.